LUK (RUS, Prm)

Deejaying since 2002. I started my career as a shock jock being a resident in the first Perm Drum & Bass group Two Pixels Crew led by Uncle Vitamin.

Participant in numerous raves. One of the first who started to promote Neurofunk sounding in Drum & Bass before it became mainstream in Perm. Have a perfect technique of mixing both CDs and Vinyl. Performed in Kirov, Ekaterinburg and Izhevsk cities. Joined the Negative Promo band in 2005 and became a resident of legendary raves, such as Goliy Mys and Bikkini Bottom.

From 2009 till 2012 Host and organizer of online radio broadcast The Pure Perception and host and organizer of Drum & Bass channel Negative >( Tunes.

Since 2012 cohost of Negative Sound Recording podcasts. In 2018 made the first release in a compilation Hot Summer in 59 Region LP. His tracks were generously appreciated by Dj GVOZD and these tracks managed to be seen publicly on the best Russian radio show The Pirate Station.