After years of wandering in the open spaces of electronic sound and learning the dark neuro-substance, two prominent scholars in the field (Ruslan "NPhobia"/BLR) and (Vadim "Emission"/MDA), by coincidence and common interests occur on Mars, at the station Erebus, where in 2012.06.01 they create a command "EXODUM" and lab to study and synthesis of this neuro-substance. With the powerful transponders tested over earthlings their findings. Explodes and opens a portal to neuro-hell. After dark and horrific circumstances they manage to escape from this evil place, and decide to go on research of matter at the facility Meyola. In the short time they are joined by a third expert (Rinat "Shuttnik"/RU). As a result, travel passing black hole at their merchant ships refuse graviton amplifier and they fall into the event horizon where they are going through a terrible disease as Pandorum, but somehow miraculously, they escape from the black hole in their head starts to sound the same powerful dark neuro.

Their goal: to infect all living organisms by syndrome of Pandorum with the dark neuro-substance!

"Who does not risk to f***ing!" - told the guys and gave 120dB at mixer.

From the end of 2013 the trio became is the duo with Ruslan "NPhobia" & Vadim "Emission".